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Masonry Services

John William Masonry BRS LLC in Blackstone, Massachusetts, provides a large array of masonry services, which you can find descriptions of below. Each one of our services includes a free on-site estimate.

Repointing of Masonry Facades

Repointing is the process of grinding out old joints between brick, and replacing those joints with a standard or customized mortar mix. When the joints deteriorate, water and insects are able to penetrate the building leading to serious structural problems if not addressed properly. We provide competitive prices per for repointing. We also replace, patch, and restore window headers and sills during this process. Once repointed, we waterproof the façade 100% ensure that the surface is water-tight moving forward.

Brick Installation

Historical and Custom Painting

We work on a lot of buildings that are historical sites, and we offer complete restoration services in line with the standards of the local historical societies. Our contractors can paint soffits and parapets, as well as the carpentry or stucco sections of your building. We can replace the carpentry around windows where needed ensuring that the area remains water-tight.  

Brick and Stone Walkways and Stairs

We can create or restore beautiful walkways and stairs for your property. We can also adjust the grade on your existing stairs and walkways to prevent potential water or safety problems. The materials we work with for stairs and walkways are concrete, bluestone, brick, and stone. We also provide services in patching, replacing risers, applying Tammscoat™, and water proofing stairs and walkways.

Fire Escape Renovation

Our fire escape renovations will ensure that you are up to code with the fire escape being securely attached to your building. We can scrape, paint, and replace railings and treads where needed.

Epoxy Injections

Epoxy injections are used to repair the non-moving cracks in concrete. We can restore the concrete to its pre-cracked strength through this service.

Chimney Restoration and Renovation

Our masons can build you a new chimney from scratch, or ensure that your current chimney is up to grade. We can also grind a chimney down and replace the mortar within the joints to restore it to its original condition.

Elevator Shafts

Our masons can work with new or old elevator shafts. We can install new elevator shafts, as well as ensure that your existing elevator shaft is structurally sound.

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